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About Me

Eloisia Wild is a Conservationist; graduating from Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology with a MSc in Conservation Science. After working on a variety of wildlife conservation projects over the last few years; now focuses her work on marine mammals and life in the ocean.

Eloisia has completed various extreme weather expeditions including a solo coast to coast cycle in high winds through the Outer Hebrides and took part in the first all-female team to complete the Siberian Ice Run, both raising money and awareness for various causes. She also has a big icy cycle expedition planned for 2020!

This year she has been busy obtaining qualifications in all things marine; on and under the oceans- crewing vessels, conducting marine based surveys and gaining PADI diving and freediving skills – all to better understand the ocean enviroment. She has also been busy setting up a marine plastics awareness campaign online and working on a local fundraising project that tackle ocean debris.

Eloisia has various projects coming up in both Marine Conservation and Exploration – please do get in touch if you would like to talk oceans, plastics and adventure.